Intangience is a philosophy developed from a partnership between Ross Advertising and Rethink. Based upon a search for a deeper understanding of the way that humans connect with places, people, brands and ultimately holistic experiences, the exploration of the concept stems from three fundamental questions.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my purpose?
  3. How will I be remembered?

The answers to these three questions develop the insight into the organisations that we work with, and their grasp of the relationship that they have with their audiences and clients. That relationship leads to a second school of thought within the Intangience philosophy, which we have coined as ‘The Currency of Conversation.”

This embraces three fundamentals:

  1. Relevance: Something only has currency when it has relevance.
  2. Conversation: It only has relevance when it is in the conversation.
  3. Resonance: It only has the currency of conversation when it resonates.

Collectively, these aspects are the foundation of our approach to creative strategy, informing traditional, digital and experiential campaigns that connect with audiences, returning valuable insight, information and ROI for our clients.