Creating a communication strategy for the Chagauramas Development Authority was a journey that sought to answer the question of the vision of the transformational development of Chagauramas.

In just three short years, the level of development and the rapidly unfolding vision for the area was nothing short of dramatic. Unfortunately, like so much of the progress that has been achieved across the country in so many areas, it remained an untold story and an uncelebrated achievement.

Amidst the turbulent political waters that sought to discredit the achievement and the benefits of the development, a message needed to be crafted that focused on the vision of the CDA and what it meant for stakeholders from the ground up.

The campaign spoke to people on the fence line communities; the fishermen, the taxi drivers, the vendors, and a host of others. These are the people who derive their livelihood from Chaguaramas, and who feel the effects of its development on a personal level.

The development of a new image for the CDA began with a new visual suite consisting of a logo, stationery, signage, press, print, outdoor, website, social media, and TVC. This then filtered its way through events and activities to engage the audience, such as the launch of the Boardwalk and a Fish Broth Competition.

The rollout of the strategy was a success, seeing an uplifting of the community and an engagement with topics that addressed the concerns of the most important stakeholders: the people of Chaguaramas.