The National Gas Company (NGC) had a generous corporate social responsibility programme that saw contributions to any manner of causes and sponsorship activities but with no resonance despite the large sums invested.

Ross sought to change that by framing the CSR initiatives as being an ideal of promoting happier communities through celebrated events and activities.

The theme for NGC was expressed as “the energy of human potential.” Each sponsorship was identified as a question on happiness through various interpretations.

If happiness were a sound, what would it be?
The sponsorship of a steelband as a proud national musical instrument.

If happiness were a face what would it look like?
The sponsorship of the winning national cricket team draped in a national flag.

If happiness were color what would be it’s hues?
The sponsorship of a carnival band “playing mas” on the streets as a national festival.

This way the NGC sponsorship was much more readily understood within the context of promoting joyful national sentiments. The campaign went viral and created thousands of hits and shares via social media within hours of launch.