Welcome to the World’s Most Exciting Playground. The Caribbean.

Do you know what it feels like to hold the beauty of the Caribbean, with the vibrant lifestyle and energy of its people, in the palm of your hands? Well, if you never have before, now you can, and invite the entire world to come and proudly share it.

That’s the feeling and expression resonating and being embraced by thousands in the Caribbean and across the world, as Carib Premium Lager Beer recently mounted the world stage with the biggest flag party in a music video that would proudly define the region and all that it richly presents. More than just capturing a breathtaking landscape, the Caribbean was introduced with stunning visual portrayals caught up in a mix of music infused with the various cultures that comprise this richly diverse region. Lyrically it expressed, “it is who we are, sunshine everyday, in every way…Can you feel it?

Grammy winning international music producer DJ Khaled
Performers Kerwin Du Bois and Shenseaa

With the theme “ Can You Feel It?”, the powerful visual and musical anthem portrayed by Carib Beer has been inspiring the hearts and imagination of everyone, especially because of its unique perspective which celebrates the essence of ‘brand Carib-bean’ to the world, in all its glory, far beyond the brew itself. It was full evidence in play, of the power of the award-winning methodology called Intangience™, developed by internationally acclaimed branding and innovation agency, Ross | ReThink.

Combining intangible values with the science of human connection as the core of its philosophy, Intangience™ was carefully applied to best showcase the liberating expressions and nuances that Caribbean people are known the world over for. It was a heart-warming moment created for every territory throughout the region to proudly see and celebrate themselves, while raising their flags, inviting the rest of the world to explore all the irresistible pleasures and joys they would encounter when they “feel the rhythm and escape” to this beautiful side of paradise.

Shenseea on the set of ‘Can you feel it’ in Miami, Florida
Trinidadian soca artiste Kerwin Du Bois also wrote the lyrics for Can you Feel It

By welcoming everyone to ‘the way we play’ in ‘the world’s most exciting playground’ at such a memorable moment, every Caribbean territory and flag became immediately unified in harmony by the way in which the Carib brand embodied all of who they are, and their desire to belong to a collective identity much greater than themselves.

So when next you hear the words, “Caribbean”, “it’s the way we play” or the “world’s most exciting playground”, it’s your open invitation to enjoy the beauty of the region and the vibrant spirit of its people, embodied in an expression that you can now hold in the palm of your hands – a Carib Premium Lager Beer. “Can You Feel It?”


Ross wins 58 Addy and Angel Awards for 2020 plus the Judges Choice Award.

This makes us, yet again, the leading Addy award winner in the region
and adds to the hundreds of awards our agency has won for the work conducted on behalf of our clients.

Conducted by the American Advertising Federation Fourth District,
the Angel Award Competition honors the very best in public service advertising. It combines two missions of the organization:
to utilize industry expertise to address community issues, and to celebrate and honor advertising excellence.

Ross | ReThink is honoured to have earned 8 Gold and 2 Silver Angel Awards in 2020

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