When experience meets expertise, we acclaim her as our CEO

I am pleased to introduce Esther Le Gendre, who joined us as CEO of Ross | ReThink, at the beginning of June 2023.

As Chairman of the Group – Ross | ReThink, Ross Innovation Labs and Intangience™, my focus is on strategic direction, creativity and innovation to maintain value for our clients.

Esther’s appointment allows us an opportunity to strengthen our strategic direction and streamline our operations and processes. Her significant and demonstrated management capability will bring greater structure for our human resources in service of delivery that is aligned with client expectations.

Esther is a professional with experience in management consulting and in operations in private sector multi-national and regional corporations. Over the span of her career which was rooted in executive support at one of the country’s larger ad agencies, she moved on to directing strategic communications and advertising, government and public affairs, organisation redesign, management strategy, corporate business development and relationship management for various local and international bodies.

Esther is known to you as a former Minister of Education and Member of Parliament. She also lectured at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Communications, Organisation Theory and Design. Earlier in her career she developed and led Government and Public Affairs in the LNG sector and more recently operated as Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago regulatory body for the accounting and auditing profession.

She has served on a number of state boards in the areas of national ICT delivery, Free Trade Zone operation, Venture Capital Fund management, television media, gas marketing and national-scale event management.

Please join me in welcoming Esther and we look forward to continuing to partner with you in the creation of meaningful connections for you, our valued clients and your brands.

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